Christadelphians are a group of people who believe that God is all-powerful and immortal. We believe that the bible is God's word, which holds relevance for us in our lives today. We also believe that God gave us his Son Jesus, to teach us how to live Christian lives. Jesus lived a perfect life, resisting all temptation, he died but was raised again which is a hope we hold. We center our beliefs around the bible, and hope to be able to share with you the hope, joy and love that God gives us. 

The name 'Christadelphian', means brothers and sisters in Christ. We come from all walks of life, and try our hardest to do what God asks of us, hoping to see God's Kingdom on earth soon. We believe God's message, contained in the bible, is for all people and gives us hope of eternal life. We welcome all visitors to our hall, and hope to welcome you soon.